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Postponement MHLC Europe 2020 – we MOVE, but on a SAFER Day!

Dear Event- and Media-Partners,

as already expected, the situation in and around Stuttgart is becoming increasingly acute and we are therefore forced to postpone the MHLC Europe 2020.

The safety of our speakers, our guests, participants and also sponsors is more important to us than an event that is enforced by hook or crook. Some speakers and event participants have already cancelled… so we needed to make a decision!

This is a measure to protect you from any possible dangers, which is why we hope that you will agree to it.

As described above, we are actively working on finding a new date for the event, which will take place in the next 6 months, preferably August / September. Of course we will inform you about this date immediately, this week!

Since this is of course also a financial blow for all involved, I would like to ask you for the following:

1.) Please check which possibilities there are that a postponement could be taken – we would like to have all of you there!

2.) Of course, we will cover all NON-CANCELLABLE costs for your trip!

3.) Charging – We would be happy if you, like us, could make this event shine:

Despite the fact that the event did not take place, numerous measures have been taken for the event, we have contacted more than 20 – 30,000 contacts per month by post and e-mail, we have led the press in more than 30 media, we have made more than 15,000 monthly impressions on the social media channels and have website clicks of around 20,000 people per month – the marketing success of this company is huge!

For this reason, the following suggestion would be specifically directed at the packages of the event sponsors that have not yet been calculated:

We will charge 50% of the sum for the measures that have already been carried out, retain your conditions and charge you the other 50% at the follow-up event (for further promotional measures). You remain a preferred partner and do not lose your seat, tickets or even 1 day of promotion.

In addition, we will send all registered participants a MHLC bag including your materials and will mention / print it on all information material.

I am confident that we will make this event even better than in the current situation – we will MOVE the future, but on a SAFER Day!

Kind regards,

Dominic Fischer
Eventmarketing Manager CE
We Optimise Your Supply Chain

Dematic GmbH
Marketing & Communications
Martinseestr. 1
D-63150 Heusenstamm

Phone: +49 69 58 30 25-128
Mobile: +49 170 430 5344
Fax: +49 69 58 30 25-128
Mail: dominic.fischer@dematic.com

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